Cherrelle Champagne


Cherrelle Champagne, the founder and creator of Can't Colonize The Vibe is a powerful Graphic Designer, art director, model, songwriter and producer. 

Cherrelle uses her design expertise to design all of the collateral and branding materials for Can't Colonize The Vibe; she also designs advertising campaigns for a number of Civil Liberties Organizations. 

The 32 year old artist from the Frankford area in Philadelphia PA, is an inspiring force that uses her modeling experience and prestige to mentor 
underprivileged youth from her hometown neighborhood. 

Cherrelle, a classically trained pianist, has also found much success songwriting and producing for Philadelphia Music artists such as Dj Diamond Kuts, Andre Valle, Chynna Rogers and Lil Uzi Vert. 

While songwriting and modeling play a huge role in Cherrelle's creative career, she believes her true purpose is to continue to build and curate the Can't Colonize The Vibe exhibition. 

"I feel that when you are a part of a marginalized group, you are not often viewed as an individual. The CCTV exhibition focuses distinctly on black and brown individuals from the view of a single protest. I think there's something really special about about seeing such a static logo placed onto different fabrics and patterns, and then placed on the backs of different people with separate interests and separate causes." - Cherrelle Champagne