Can’t Colonize The Vibe is an exhibition of the cultural and photographic relationship between art and artist, designer and subject, human and humanity. The soulful beauty in these images is a composite of melanin and the majesty of existence, just as we are. We all wrestle emotionally with the notion of belonging, displacement, and searching for a home without know exactly where to begin. The legacy of erasure, subjection, and colonization is flipped on its head as we explore our vibe in photography, memory, and stillness. The photos depicted are shared by people who connect with the vibrant reimagining of a simple historical acknowledgment — you can’t colonize the vibe. 

Our destiny as a people is to live exquisitely free and elevate ourselves from reductive stereotypes and unjust censorship. 

We bring the spirit of resistance and power to the forefront and the figures wearing this deeply profound statement, Can't Colonize the Vibe -- they offer themselves and their beauty up as proof. 

And there is much work to do. We must continue to work diligently to ensure we uplift and tell our stories. We must continue to push back against harmful stereotypes of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia that we know will come. We must continue to advocate for our rightful seat at the table. Art will lead the way. Please accept this personal invitation to submit your photos dawning CCTV, styled in your fashion that exudes your vibe. Cement your legacy, forever archived with a chosen community of brilliance and beauty, not affected by changes in time or spirit.